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About Me

  I am Rose Grigoryan, and I am running to represent District 6 in the City of Los Angeles. As a proud Angeleno and first-generation immigrant, I understand the daily challenges faced by members of our community.   

  With an undergraduate degree in psychology and philosophy, a master's degree in philosophy and logic, and postgraduate coursework towards a PhD, I have a unique perspective on problem-solving. I also have practical experience establishing a linguistic center and starting my own financial advisory business to help local businesses access government resources. 

  As a former broadcast journalist, I am familiar with city policy and procedures, and I have worked closely with the Small Business Administration to help many local businesses survive during the pandemic.

  As your council member, I plan to expand this model of service and use my expertise to inform the public about the assistance programs available to them. My goal is to make these services accessible to all Angelenos through outreach, town halls, workshops, and city constituent casework services dedicated to reaching and assisting those in need of public protection.

  I have personally helped numerous people navigate these often-complicated processes and I am committed to doing everything I can to make sure our community members have the resources they need. Join me in creating a clean Los Angeles by applying a data-driven approach to remove city blight and increase safety. 

Thank you for your support!

The reason I am running.



I was inspired to extend my candidacy because I recognize the immense potential and missed opportunities of both our district and the City of Los Angeles.

As I drive around our district each day, I see the possibility of what could be if we had representatives who cared more about the city and less about their personal interests. The recent exposure of the misappropriation of time and funds from career politicians shone a light on the root cause of our stagnation as a city.   

I vow to clean the City of Los Angeles from dirty streets and dirty politics alike. People are tired of the same old politics that have yielded us the same subpar results over and over again, with career politicians serving special interests.

I judge a representative by their district, and I will make sure that my time in office leaves a legacy of genuine community service and progress for the City of Los Angeles.

Do I have a special interest?
It is the well-being of all my constituents.

Rose G. 

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