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Hi, I'm Rose

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Why am I running?

I entered USA in 2012 - 10 years ago alone - without my family, with no friends and relatives in the country.

As an immigrant, I faced a lot of difficulties, but I was sure - the diverse and beautiful city of Los Angeles would give me wide opportunities to gain success through hard work and good will.

This community gave me the chance to learn many things in life and now it is the right time to give it back to the community itself - to serve it on a higher level.

Shortly about myself

I started my career at a small bridal store in Downtown Los Angeles. I was carrying wedding gowns from upstairs to the fitting rooms.


Then I happened to work at a Costco call center for a short time.


Eventually I was offered a job at an Armenian local TV Station - US Armenia. I got another offer from ARTN-Shant Armenian TV Network that is the largest Armenian network in the USA and worked there for more than 7 years.

During my years at TV, I got to know the community from within - by dealing with different people from different fields.

Meanwhile I established a marketing company that began to thrive.

Being able to support myself, I started to spend at least half of my day on educating my community on important issues that was important especially during the hard days of pandemic.

I taught people about the assistance programs they could get to overcome the pandemic. The assistance in Armenian was very important especially for seniors and immigrants that recently entered the country.


By learning that there is a vacancy at my District, I decided to take the opportunity and run for the office. It will give me even more opportunities to serve the community on a higher level.


Equality Meets Opportunity

Coming Soon!

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