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VOTE FOR ROSE BEFORE OR ON APRIL 4, 2023  I   Vote por Rose antes o el 4 de abril de 2023  I  Iboto si Rose bago o sa Abril 4, 2023

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As I walk around our district each day, I see the possibility of what could be if we had representatives who cared more about the city and less about their personal interests. 

I am running to represent you in the Los Angeles City council because I recognize the immense potential and missed opportunities of both district 6 and the City of Los Angeles.

People are tired of the same old politics, representatives  who serve special interests, talk down to their constituents, and whose donors are their owners. 

I judge a representative by their district, and I will make sure that my time in office will leave legacy of genuine community service for my constituency. My only special interest is the wellbeing of my community. That is my mission. 

Vote Rose Grigorian for Los Angeles City Council District 6 

For a clean and safe Los Angeles!

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Anticampment Ordinance

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Affordable Housing

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Small Businesses


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Public Safety

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Law Enforcement

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Public Transportation

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Drug-free Schools

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As a business advisor, I helped companies survive the pandemic and access new programs. My expertise has shown me the limitations that hinder economic growth in the city. I will streamline bureaucracy and remove barriers to entry for new businesses, while increasing grants, loans, and tax incentives for job creation. I will also implement job training, apprenticeship, and internship programs to help job seekers gain skills and work experience for a living wage.



City planning can enhance walkability and promote safe alternative transit, such as bike lanes and trolley routes. These changes can boost tourism, beautify the city, and reduce traffic. By studying and adopting successful strategies from other regions and adapting them to our unique needs, we can create a safer and more enjoyable environment for daily commutes.



My Clean LA Program will identify and renovate structural blight. Studies show that signs of structural disorder can lead to increased crime in an area. I will work with the city to convert abandoned land and dilapidated buildings into safe and clean housing. Communities will be planned around specialized green spaces to create a cohesive community aesthetic and unique identity. I will dedicate a portion of development to low-income housing and incentivize the construction of affordable units and ADUs.



Homelessness is a public health and safety issue that requires a humane and case-by-case approach. It's a manifestation of various issues, such as mental health, substance abuse, and lack of a support network. Anti-camp ordinances must come with caseworker services to provide rehabilitation. Merely using police to remove campers is not effective. Instead, police and social workers should collaborate to allocate caseworker services to help individuals access resources and become productive members of society.


Law Enforcement

Police misconduct erodes public trust, but defunding the police the lazy solution. We should reform and build the system with a data-driven approach and provide officers with updated and continuous training needed to maintain optimal public safety. Establishing independent oversight committees can provide a system of checks and balances to prevent misappropriation of time, resources, and power.



We must prevent future structural decay and potential disasters by identifying weaknesses in our infrastructure and dangers in our environment. We must survey high-risk areas and prioritize maintenance to potentially save lives and property. From potholes, landslides, and fire zones to our aging water pipelines, I will work to catch issues before they balloon into large-scale problems and drain resources.


One of my projects is to create themed outdoor parks for community activities such as art parks, drive-in theaters, designated dog parks, community gardens, playgrounds, and sports courts. These recreational spaces promote a healthy community, provide low to no-cost daily activities for community engagement, and support mental and physical health. I will collaborate with the city and the community to offer residents wholesome environments to enjoy life in Los Angeles.

Waste Management

The city collects 6,500 tons of garbage per day, contributing to Los Angeles' reputation for dirty streets. My Clean Los Angeles program will partner with universities to research and invest in waste-to-energy technologies like plasma gasification to turn trash into renewable energy. This will incentivize trash collection, reduce local landfills, and improve the city's image.


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